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We’re 5 days out from the beginning of our Facebook ads test and the numbers are pretty good-looking. Our overall opt-in rate (for Beta access) was 15% during the campaign “learning” period.  I’m pretty happy with that number. We’ve only spent a handful of dollars and now have almost 30 leads. 

The goal here wasn’t so much to acquire a bunch of early users (though that never hurts) but more to discover which audiences would best respond to our offer. All in all, I’d say we’ve got a decent sense of which audiences will be best served by Writtio’s offer – at least on this platform. 

The next goal is to find free/low-cost ways to promote Writtio. It’s a tough thing to do when you don’t have a tool built yet. But, getting these early subscribers will be key to hitting the ground running and allowing us to release a fully-functional version of Writtio fast. 

If you’re interested in beta access, sign up here: 

Behind the scenes, we continue to design the dashboard; Marcelo built an SDK for our core API, and decided to switch our backend framework to Ruby on Jets



Writtio is based on a new concept we’ve identified as Content Pattern Optimization (CPO). During the past couple of days, Anahita and I have been working on a white paper (through lots of loud back-and-forth debating about its precise meaning and applications) that will introduce CPO to the content marketing world.

Here’s a snippet from the white paper.

CPO allows businesses to track the actions visitors take before, during and after landing on a blog post or other piece of content. With CPO, marketers can answer specific questions about the relationship between their content patterns and user behavior. 

This exact system is what Writtio will facilitate. The whole tool is built around this concept that with enough data, you can craft high-converting content with much more precision.


I’m considering today as the first day of our Beta cycle. 

Product development-wise, we are making significant progress on all fronts. We have the beginnings of an intuitive dashboard design. We have a well-architectured database. We have a complete coming-soon website. 

Marketing-wise, we just began testing Facebook audiences. Starting slow, but sign ups are trickling in. I’ll update the traction page next Thursday. 

Business-wise, it’s just me, Marcelo (the founders) and my wife Anahita who is helping with marketing (she’s a twitter ninja) chatting all day on Slack.   

My biggest announcement, though, is that I now have Writtio stickers. 😛 If you want one, email me: and I’ll send you one. 

Here are some sneak peeks. 

Installation wizard design

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