Write content that engages and converts

An intuitive analytics tool to help you write more content that turns visitors into customers.

Content pattern optimization done right.

Discover how content patterns affect user behavior

How users respond

Track the actions visitors take before, during and after landing on your post. 

Why users respond

Find the patterns inside your content that drive performance and recreate them to increase engagement and conversions.

Discover what’s driving your visitors’ behavior

Make data-driven content decisions that impact your bottom line

How should I craft my posts so that my visitors read them through to the end?
Are visitors who read posts with emotional phrases more likely to complete a call to action?
Does use of technical terms boost my credibility or scare away my visitors?
How many posts does the average visitor consume before completing an action?

Match your content quality to visitor expectations

Discover whether your content resonates with your audience

Is my readability level appropriate for my audience?
Does my writing inspire trust with my readers?
Is the language in my posts too advanced for my readers to follow?
Are my posts too repetitive compared to top-performing posts on the web?

Set guidelines for your writers

Set data-backed standards that your writers must achieve before publishing.

Post must convey a positive sentiment.
Post must achieve a >75 credibility index.
Post must be at least 1,200 words long.
Post must have a readability score between 65 and 75.

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