Write content that engages and converts
An intuitive analytics tool to help you track your blog's performance and write more content that turns visitors into paying customers 


Discover patterns in your content that resonate with your readers
We extract 15 writing metrics and top keywords from your posts, and correlate them with visitor behavior to give you insights into which patterns your readers respond to best.
Long posts (1500 or more words) have 1.7x more opt-ins
Posts with a readability score of 65+ have a large effect on visitor engagement
Clickthrough is 4x higher on posts with less than 50% difficult words
Track visitor engagement on your blog posts and how different engagement styles lead to conversions
We track how each of your visitors interacts with your posts through an 11-point behavioral analysis and predict which behaviors lead to higher conversions. 
65% of your visitors skim posts and 23% read posts fully.
Visitors who read posts fully are 2.5x more likely to opt-in. 
Posts with a high engagement had 4x more clickthroughs than those with medium or low engagement 
Get detailed insights into each of your visitor's content consumption patterns
We track each visitor's consumption behavior over time so you can accurately target different segments of visitors.
Visitor A consumed 6 blog posts before opting in
On average, a visitor spends 5 minutes on your blog
35% of visitors who viewed post A came back for more content within 7 days.
Set detailed guidelines for your writing team 
Make sure your writers are hitting a certain level of quality before they hit publish on their content. Set the guidelines to be strict requirements or soft suggestions. 
A post's readability score must fall between 60 and 75 before it is pusblished
Give a warning if a post that is about to be published has fewer than 1,000 words.  
Make sure than posts contain less than 50% difficult words. 


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a question?


How much it cost?  

The beta is free for invited users with an option to purchase a limited lifetime deal. The monthly price for the lowest tier of the full version, once we launch, will be $49.

When will Writtio Beta come out?

We are aiming for early May. Of course, software development is notorious for delays, so we don't make any promises. 

What are the perks of being an early adopter? 

First and foremost, you'll have an immediate competitive advantage by having access to analytics that currently don't exist anywhere else. You'll also have an opportunity to purchase a lifetime deal which should set you up with a solid foundation on the tool. You'll also be invited to be an inner circle user, which means that you can have a direct influence on new features, design and integrations.

Request Early Access

We are accepting 1,000 early adopters to our beta waitlist. There are currently 539 spots available. Sign up to receive a beta invitation.

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